What is PCD in pharma ?


PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution.  Many pharma companies provide franchise and PCD for their products to enhance their market place. If you are looking for a PCD or franchise, you can look for branded medicine distribution companies.

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Pharma Franchise Requirements

However, to become a PCD pharma franchise of a company, you must have a valid drug license. To get this license you can look for your nearest drug controller office or contact from any of your friends or colleagues who already have this license. Apart from the drug license, you also need a valid TIN (sales tax number), capacity of minimum purchase per month, and no one should have monopoly rights in the area where you are looking for your franchise.

These are the necessary requirements for getting PCD or franchise from a drug manufacturing company. Apart from these necessary requirements, interested candidates also should have some points in their mind while taking for franchise. Some of important things that people must have to take care are discussed.

How to Choose A Good PCD ?

Numerous pharma PCD companies are easily available. They can easily provide you PCD or franchise for your area. But it is advisable that you should always look for companies who have their own manufacturing plants or companies who are franchise or large drug manufacturing companies.

The major advantage of getting PCD or franchise of large scale manufacturing companies is that they can provide you products at the best possible rates and assurance of regular availability of drugs and medicines.

Quality pharma products

If you will provide Quality pharma products at the best market price your business will run smoothly and successfully in your area. This will be possible when you get products at the least possible price which only can be provided by manufacturing or large PCD companies. You can select a certified drug manufacturing company or an associated certified company to get franchise of their products in your area.