PCD Pharma Companies in Chandigarh


These days, pharma franchise is becoming popular in India. Most of the reputed drug manufacturing companies are providing different kind of pharma franchise schemes to sell and endorse their products. A pharma franchise can sell products of a company in their area or district and make a good profit by investing little money and effort.


You can also get district wise monopoly based PCD franchise for products of a drug manufacturing company to sell and endorse their products in your city or district. After getting monopoly based franchise, you will be the only distributor of the company’s products in your area. Without your permission, no one can sell company’s products within your monopoly area which leads high profit for the PCD Franchise company.

Getting franchise of a drug manufacturing is very easy. You can search about branded drug manufacturing companies on the Internet and get detailed information about their norms regarding to district wise monopoly based PCD Franchise schemes.

Before becoming franchise of any company you will also have to complete minimum requirements fixed by that company for their PCD Franchise. You will have to complete your minimum monthly purchase capacity and complete legal formalities.

Monopoly Basis – Pharma Marketing

To become a franchise of a company you will also have to a permanent sales tax number. Also ensure that no one have district wise monopoly rights for selling company’s products in your area otherwise you will not be able to sell a single product of the company in monopoly area.

Apart from these things, you should also check the credibility of the company before getting monopoly rights. Ensure that the company is a registered drug manufacturer and have their own manufacturing units. Also ensure that the company is authorized to sell their products in your city. Check the quality and customer feedback about the products of the company to ensure that you will be able to get good gain.