What is a PCD Pharma Franchise Company ?

The full form of PCD is Propaganda cum Distribution. It is also known as Franchise Marketing.

PCD Companies unlike the Pharma giants are relatively smaller companies with a few number of on roll employees.

They have a large base of Stockists & Distributors in the region of their operations.

They sell the products to these stockists on relatively lesser rates and on the other hand these stockists who are already the masters in their areas ( May be district wise or even state wise.

These Stockists are having good links with the regional doctors and they either themselves or through the MR’s on their own rolls get the prescriptions generated and so they affect the sales. Quality products are the essence of PCD format of Pharma Selling.

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Our PCD pharma company in India is one of the leading and top most companies in the country and is famous for its superior quality products and services and for the customer relationship management. We excel in the various products manufacturing and also have a team of highly rained and skilled professional and labour force.

Our PCD pharma Company deals in the manufacturing, supplying, exporting and distribution of our various products and product lines across the country through our authorised PCD pharma franchise and pharma monopoly in India. We believe that the company will automatically attract the customer if the products that are produced by the people are of high and standard quality. And it will not only just attract the customer but will also increase their credibility and trust on our pharma company.

Our manufacturing units are with Current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities and are in complete collaboration with the supplying units and distributors. Manufacturing of various products like medical products, healthcare products, personal care products, etc are some of the broad categories on what we are dealing into.