Propaganda Pharma | PCD Distributors

Propaganda cum Distribution also commonly known as PCD is referred as the drug distributor for products and supplements of a drug manufacturing company. When a candidate obtains PCD Franchise, he will be able to sell company’s products in their area. The company will provide their products at competitive price so that distributor can get good profit on products like tablets, syrups, injections, veterinary medicines, etc.

We are looking for PCD franchise in most of the cities in India. We also provide district wise monopoly basis franchise to our distributors. We have our own manufacturing units where we develop more than 900 drugs that are used in India and abroad as well.



You can get district wise monopoly rights for our drugs. When you get our monopoly basis franchise you will be able to sell our high quality and branded products without any competition. We provide our products at very competitive price. After getting this kind of franchise, no one will be legally authorized to sell our products in your area that leads a good profit you.

We provide several gift packs for doctors, medical representatives and distributors, which helps our PCD holders to endorse products in their area without spending any additional cost. Our marketing team also assists distributors to market and sell products in their area. We offer hygienic and good quality packing materials for our drugs. These packing supplies will help you to safely pack drugs so that they will survive to long time without any contagion.

Getting our PCD Franchise is very easy. You can contact from our authorized distributor in your city. You can also e-mail us and get all information that you want. We have a very low minimum monthly purchase capacity. You can easily afford it without any trouble. Apart from the minimum purchase capacity, you will have to complete some legal formalities to get our propaganda cum distribution franchise.