Tips to select the best PCD pharma franchise

PCD refers to Propaganda cum Distribution. It is a well-known business strategy employed by the large-scale and mid-scale business companies in order to expand their reach and marketing area. Taking up the franchise from the pharma companies provide a better platform for individuals as well the companies. The individuals get a well-established business in hand and the companies get benefited by the gain of popularity and marketing sales.

It is not difficult to attain the franchise and distribution rights for the pharma products, but the main question lies which pharma company would be the best? Taking up a franchise of the pharma companies is like investing your money and investment are done to gain better returns. One must always search well before investing their money into a business.

Here are some of the valuable tips that one should keep in mind before selecting a PCD pharma franchise –

  • Keep a careful note of selection of the vendors and the things they keep in mind while making the right choice for the PCD pharma franchise
  • Look for the proper authentication of the pharma company.
  • Note whether the company has been certified by the government.
  • Ensure the approval by DCGI
  • Understand the product range offered by the pharma company
  • Whether the company is open and flexible or not.
  • Consider having consumer feedback
  • Procedures and eligibility criteria for attaining a PCD franchise from the pharma company
  • Ponder over the company’s visions, short-term and long-term goals and objectives.
  • Enquire about the provision of marketing aid and material
  • Do understand the terms and conditions of the pharma company before taking up the franchise

PCD franchise must ensure the company for a direct reach to the consumers. The credibility and bonding of the pharma company and franchise holder depend upon the sales generated and the quality of the products supplied.

A PCD pharma franchise must take care of the proper distribution and supply of the products within the fixed time and that the needs of the consumers are kept on a priority basis.

Things one must keep in their checklist before setting up their PCD pharma franchise –

It is important to understand all the terms and conditions that are put forth by the company for their franchise. The individuals can also research well about the pharma company and check their status in the market.

One must keep these things in their checklist –

  1. Quality of the products. It is important to note here that the franchise would only generate higher revenues if the product quality is rich. Large-scale companies with poor product qualities would eventually face downfall in the long run. You can easily check the authenticity of their products from Drug ControllerGeneral of India.
  2. The range of products offered by the pharma company. It is a necessary point to consider while choosing a PCD pharma franchise. The range of the products holds equal importance as that of the company’s name. The products should be as per the needs of the consumers.
  3. Availability of the stock. It is essential for the products to be easily available before the stock runs out.
  4. Monopoly and distribution rights. It ensures that the target area for your franchise unit doesn’t have any competitor and that the sole right for distribution of the products is given to you.